Is Yoast SEO the best plugin on WordPress?

Selling your products and services will be one of your key goals when you start a business. However, the business world has long gone beyond concentrating on physical marketing or marketing on even platforms like television, radio and newspaper alone. Today, you must have a website and engage in strategic social media marketing. A website will require designing and hosting the website. For the hosting, you can read hosting services reviews on UK collected reviews to know the right platform to host your website. For the designing and building, you will need a professional or you could use WordPress and the right plugins to easily design the website by yourself.

A lot of businesses use WordPress to sell their products online. However, in as much as this is good, you need to attract leads before you can sell on the website. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to use tools called plugins, which saves you time and resources and grant you a more successful result. Yoast SEO is one of the plugins on WordPress. It is a free tool, but it works excellently. It works more than some of the paid plugins that are available. It provides you with a checklist which you can run through to see that everything is in place before you post your content. You can manage your social media elements, meta title, meta description, meta tags, permalinks, etc. on it. However, there are other plugins you can use to enhance your websites and create the awesome user experience. Some of them are:

Related posts and gravity forms

To turn your leads into customers, you have to keep them on your site for as long as possible. The related posts plugin helps to show the posts that are related to the content they are reading or watching on your website. As such, you get to increase the engagement on your posts and even attract more leads. Additionally, gravity forms help you to create forms for generating leads without needing to have technical knowledge. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily create forms for leads with gravity forms.

eCommerce site

wooCommerce and share buttons

If your website is an eCommerce site, you will need WooCommerce. It has built-in payment gateways that allow people to find it easier to buy products on your website. You can direct the money to anywhere you want it so you can easily manage the money. Also, the share buttons plugin allows visitors to share your content across their social media pages and track the social activity on each post.

Easy forms

If you are serious about building your website, you should have a flourishing email list. It has more ROI and helps to keep your readers close. Easy forms offer an email marketing service that allows you to build and manage your email list. It provides simple processes and automation options with insightful analytics. You can add your email sign-up forms to your pages, posts, sidebars, etc. You get all the insights you need in one place.

Contact form builder

If you want to create custom forms for your leads, which is a more effective strategy, contact form builder helps you to do so. This plugin focuses solely on building forms, unlike other plugins where it is a supplementary option. You can add your fields, tweak the size, change the designs, etc. You can add the contact forms wherever you like on your site and watch it draw in leads constantly. As such, you cannot only rely on using one plugin as different plugins have different options and contribute towards a great user experience.