Flexible Wheel Washers from MobyDick

Wheel washers are technology that will be needed by construction industries. Since the businesses are always about construction of buildings and other landmarks, having vehicles with soiled wheels are inevitable. The soils and dust from the construction sites and construction materials can get attached to the wheels, and later it can cause problems when it is not cleaned properly. That is why the wheel washers or lkw reifenwaschanlage will be important to the washing and cleaning job.

Effective and Efficient Performance of the Wheel Wash System

In this case, MobyDick provides the wheel wash system. The wheel washers of the KIT Flex are dedicated for the construction industries. The wheel washers are designed and manufactured well so it can clean all vehicles in the construction sites. Cars up to the big trucks and other vehicles can be cleaned well. Its water pumping technology and washing mechanism is made autonomous, so it does not need many men to operate it. The vehicles only need to step on the washing area, and later the engine can start washing the wheels and lower area of vehicles. This is more convenient and effective that using manual way, even the ones with the manpower. Its power consumption is also quite low since it uses the low water pressure instead of the high-pressure ones.

Products of Flexible Wheel Washer

Moreover, MobyDick provides the products of KIT Flex. The wheel washers are modular kit and it brings benefits for the construction industries. It will give easy method for installation, and later it can be moved quickly since it does not require permanent installation. This will help the wheel washer to adapt to any area of construction. Then, the manufacturer has some products in the KIT Flex models. Each of them has different models and sizes. Of course, all of them are flexible modular kits so it is still convenient to use, and the construction industries can choose the most suitable size and model.