Power Banks

A Small Guide on Power Banks

A power bank is nothing but a portable battery that recharges electronic gadgets at times when you do not have access to a regular wall charger.

The concept of a power bank is straightforward: a rechargeable battery that can charge other devices. But, even if it seems pretty basic, many mobile power banks also come with pretty complex built-in technologies. Let us learn about power bank types, technologies, and working in this piece.

Different types of power banks

Mobile power banks are available in many shapes and sizes for different power and budget needs. The portable power banks are chargers that can be used to charge just about any device. Most people use power banks to charge their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. While mobile power banks are the only ones that are mainstream, portable chargers that can charge devices like mini-fridges, drones, etc. are also available in the market.

New power banks of different prices are coming out every day with many improved charging technologies. Some of the latest power banks even use solar energy to charge phones. While other power banks with prices not that high can double up as the protective case of your phone. In terms of shape, the most popular power banks are rectangular, like a smartphone.

Technologies used in power banks

In order to reduce the malfunctioning risk, power banks nowadays come with a lot of safety features like over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, etc.

Other technologies seen in power banks are wireless charging, pass-through charging, and fast charging technologies. Qualcomm Quick Charge, PowerIQ, and Power Delivery are some examples of fast charging in power banks. Newer models of power banks are also featuring futuristic battery techs like Graphene technology.

The working of a power bank

Power banks are basically batteries with added features and so, they work like any other rechargeable battery would work. First off, they store energy to their maximum capacity and later, when needed, they release it when different devices that need recharging are connected.

In terms of circuitry, power banks can be complex devices. Besides charging and recharging devices they have features like power indicators, quick charging technologies, and safety features as discussed above.

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